Dependable Boat Storage in Enid, OK

There are many ways to store your boat for short or long periods. Depending on where you live, what boat storage options you prefer, and how much you want to spend, we can help you find a storage solution that you will be happy with - whether you are searching for several months of winter storage or a safe place to keep your toy for a few weeks.

See if you can answer the following question. Is your proximity to your boat more important than the boat’s proximity to the water?If you are not sure what your answer to that question is, it will certainly become clearer as you look over the different options. Check them out below to decide what type of winter boat storage is best for you.

Closer to the water
You can often pay a relatively low rate to leave the boat and trailer at a local marina that has a boat ramp. Locations along a pier where you can tie up your boat are convenient because the boat is already on the water, meaning there is no need for a trailer each time you use it. However, the most likely scenario here is that you won’t have access to the security features you need to keep your vehicle secure.

Closer to home
Storing your boat at home is the least expensive since you don’t have to pay for extra space. You will be able to keep an eye on your floating vehicle and do repairs and maintenance when necessary. With that said, boat storage often needs HOA approval, not to mention that the chance of burglary increases if the boat is stored outdoors.

The best of both worlds
A self-storage facility can provide you with an affordable alternative for boat storage. Our facility allows you to keep your vehicle easy to reach and fully protected. While this option calls for some degree of winterizing (as do the other options), you have the benefit of perimeter fencing, computerized gate access, and video surveillance.

We know you are busy, which is why we offer the convenience of online bill pay. This useful feature allows our customers to make payments and reserve more storage units without having to drive out to our property. You’d be hard pressed to find better amenities for boat storage in Enid, Oklahoma!