Safe & Secure Car Storage in Enid, OK

Are you going on a trip without your car? Maybe you will be busy for the next few months and have no time to drive your vehicle in between. If you lack space in your garage or can’t lend your car to a trusted friend who will take care of it while you’re away, you may want to consider putting the vehicle in a public self storage facility.

Below you will find some things to know about car storage in Enid, OK. These are especially important if you are planning to store your vehicle for more than a couple of months.

Note: the following storage tips are for informational purposes only. They are not intended to provide advice or to address all circumstances that may arise during your renting experience.

Things to know about car storage:

1. If you live at Vance Air Force Base, but have to go away for a few months, you may want to consider renting a vehicle parking space. We are proud of our armed forces and glad to help the airmen at Vance AFB find great storage options.

2. Whether you are a military member or an Enid, OK resident who is looking for extra parking space, it’s important to consider a safe solution for these situations. If you are planning to use your car often, make sure that your car storage unit is close to your home.

3. Cleaning your vehicle inside and out may seem counterintuitive when you are about to store it, but we have to remember this step is easy and likely to pay off. A clean interior prevents things such as dirt and food from causing mold in your car, for example.

4. A car cover will keep the exterior clean and prevent things from falling on your car. Ask your friends or family for help putting on your car cover so that it doesn’t touch the ground. This way, you will get no dust on the vehicle before storing it.

Some of these tips are obvious and some are not so obvious, but if you follow them when renting a vehicle parking space, you can increase the chances that your car is in good condition when you’re ready to use it again.

Whether you own a vintage car or a commercial van, A Safe Mini Storage is the ultimate fit for your auto storage needs!